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What should I wear?

Who is your market and what do you do?

If you are a lawyer or accountant, you would most likely dress differently than an artist or an author or hair stylist. Take that into consideration. Also, check if there are any guidelines if you work for a major corporation. They sometimes specify a look they want you to have. Then think about your clientele. If your market is the 50 to 70 year olds who are coming to you for investment advice, you want a much more traditional look. If your market is 20 to 30 year olds, then a more contemporary youthful look is in order.

See clothing comparison for headshots and business portraits.

Solid colors are preferred, avoid patterns which take the viewers eye off of your face and can be distracting. Bring several different shirts or tops if you are unsure. Wear a color that looks great on you! During our shoot, you will have time to change looks. For most people this means, business suit and business casual. Be sure to bring the matching pants or skirts for the outfit. I like to take ¾ length shots as well as head shots to give you a variety.

Make sure your clothes are freshly laundered/dry-cleaned and pressed. Nothing can ruin a headshot faster than stains and wrinkles.

Grooming, Makeup and Jewelry

LADIES — If you plan to do your own hair and makeup for your headshot, please apply makeup a little heavier than usual, focusing on the eyes. Bring makeup with you in case we need to apply more or need touch ups. I highly recommend women have a professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA) for their professional headshots. The stylist knows how to apply makeup for a photo shoot and will work with you to get your hair and makeup just right for you. Jewelry should be kept simple and understated for most executive portraits. If you are in a more creative occupation and jewelry is a trademark for your bold look, go for it!

GENTLEMEN — If you are a clean-cut guy and that is important to your brand, give yourself a shave the morning of our shoot, but not so close to the shoot that your face will show redness. If you wear a permanent five o'clock shadow, stubble or beard, make sure it is neatly trimmed and groomed to give you the polish that you want in your headshot.

When will I see my images?

If you need to see your business portraits the same day, please let me know and if possible I can have them prepared for viewing for you 2 hours after your session, as long as my schedule allows.Normally they are available for online viewing in 48 hours. After you make your selections, retouching will be done and the images will be uploaded for you within 48 hours. You can download them directly to your computer and share the link with your PR people, human resources, associates and even your mom!

How many images do I need?

That really depends on you. Do you want just the one headshot for a business card or do you have a need for more than one business portrait for multiple pages on your website? Consider your needs and choose accordingly. If you are unsure, let's talk. Give me a call, 727-787-9655 or send an email and I can help guide you through the process of determining your headshot needs.

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What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

John K.

John K.

Kathleen does an amazing job. She is very organized and professional. The turnaround time was excellent and i would highly recommend her services. I would definitely not hesitate to call Kathleen next time I have photography needs!!

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