First Communion Photography


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First Communion Pictures

first communion picturesThis marks a very important event in your child’s life.  Your child has studied and prepared for this day for a long time.  You have purchased special clothing, shoes, prayer book and rosary to mark this occasion.  Your portraits should reflect the same care and preparation.

I love to create first communion portraits.  The children are so proud of what they have accomplished and so looking forward to their special day.  We create images for you that you will have for the rest of their lives and their children’s lives!

First Communion Photography Tips

Plan ahead. Have the portraits created before the big day. Clothing can get soiled and shoes scuffed on the day of the First Communion.

If you have a special rosary, prayer book, or any other jewelry or keepsake, please bring it along.

Plan around your child’s schedule. Help them to have a snack beforehand if they are just getting out of school. The photography session usually only takes around a half hour. If they are nervous, let them know what to expect and how long it will probably take.

Plan haircuts in advance if needed.

Have them stay out of the sun and out of the pool for a few days before. Sun and swimming can sometimes make them look more tired or puffy from excess sun or chlorine exposure.

Remember to have Dad pre-tie the tie if needed!

They are welcome to change here if desired. Clothing can get wrinkled in the car on the way in.

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